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Midjourney V6 Is Here With MindBlowing Output


Midjourney, the renowned research collective founded by David Holz, has released version 6 of its popular image generation AI model. This alpha release has already garnered excitement from power users who are thrilled with the improvements it brings. VentureBeat, among other platforms, utilizes Midjourney’s AI art tools to generate article imagery.

One of the standout features of Midjourney V6 is its ability to generate highly realistic and detailed images, surpassing previous iterations. Additionally, the model now has the capacity to produce legible text within images, a feature that was lacking in earlier versions. This development puts Midjourney on par with rival AI image generators such as OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and Ideogram, which already offered this functionality.

David Holz, in a message posted on the Midjourney Discord server, expressed his enthusiasm for the new model. He revealed that V6 was the result of rigorous training on their AI superclusters over a span of nine months.

To enable MJ V6, users need to input the slash command “/settings” in the Midjourney Discord server or in a direct message to the Midjourney bot. From there, they can select V6 from the dropdown menu or type “–v 6” manually after their prompts.

How To Enable Midjourney V6
How To Enable Midjourney V6

Notable Features of Midjourney V6

According to Holz, MJ V6 offers several significant improvements:

  1. Enhanced prompt following and support for longer prompts
  2. Improved coherence and model knowledge
  3. Advanced image prompting and remix capabilities
  4. Minor text drawing ability (using quotations and appropriate styling values)
  5. Upscalers with subtle and creative modes, increasing resolution by 2x

Holz also mentioned that an entirely new prompting method has been developed for MJ V6. Previous prompting techniques that relied on specific keywords and descriptions may no longer yield desired results. Users are encouraged to adapt and relearn how to prompt effectively with V6.

Elon Musk Chalk Sketch
Image Generated With Midjourney V6 || Prompt: White Chalk On Blackboard, Retro Sketch Art, Cross Hatching, Black Background, Photorealism, Strong Facial Expression, In The Style Of Arthur Sarnoff And Rolf Armstrong, Hyperdetailed, Elon Musk –Ar 16:9 –V 6.0

Initial user experiences with MJ V6 have been mixed. While some have observed increased detail and more photorealistic generations, others have found the differences between V5.2 and V6 to be subtle. However, impressive lighting effects, reflection details, and promising early examples of text generation have generated excitement among avid users like horror director and digital artist Chris Perna.

Holz emphasized that MJ V6 is still in its alpha testing phase, and further changes can be expected before its full release. Although some features from V5.2 are currently missing in V6, such as pan left and right and zoom out, Holz assured users that these features would be added in later updates.

A Close Lookup To Fur Coat
Image Generated With Midjourney V6 || Prompt: A Close Lookup To Fur Coat –Ar 16:9 –V 6.0

Moreover, Midjourney continues to lead the AI art generator landscape, maintaining its reputation for high-quality and creative output. Despite facing challenges from competitors using in-house models or popular open-source options like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney remains at the forefront. However, it is worth noting that Midjourney and other diffusion-based AI art generators face class action litigation for alleged copyright infringement, though they assert a strong “fair use” defense.

As Midjourney continues to refine its AI model, it aims to provide a platform that intertwines with the collective imaginations of its users. With the release of MJ V6, the possibilities for AI-generated art continue to expand, offering new avenues for creativity and expression.

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