Friday, April 12, 2024

Google Bard Receives Boost in Performance with Gemini AI Model


Google has announced a significant boost in performance for its popular writing assistant, Google Bard. The company has integrated its “most capable AI model” Gemini into Bard, resulting in enhanced capabilities and improved user experience. This move comes as a surprise to many, given recent reports of delays in Gemini’s launch due to poor performance in multiple languages.

Gemini comes in three different versions, but the focus is on the two more powerful ones: Pro and Ultra. The Pro version, according to Google, is an all-rounder capable of handling a wide variety of tasks. It has been fine-tuned specifically for Bard, enabling the AI to better understand prompts, summarize content, plan tasks, and reason effectively.

To showcase the updated Bard’s capabilities, Google invited scientific YouTuber Mark Rober to test it out. Rober requested the AI to generate “the most accurate paper airplane” and Bard provided a range of different designs and optimizations. This demonstration highlights how Bard can now play a larger role in the creative process.

The integration of Gemini Pro into Bard is currently available in English across over 170 countries and territories. A complete list of supported nations can be found on Google’s Help website. Although only text prompts are currently supported, Google plans to introduce other “modalities” soon. The specifics of these modalities have not yet been revealed. Additionally, Google aims to expand Bard’s reach to European users and increase its language support.

In the near future, Bard will receive another upgrade with the introduction of Gemini Ultra. This top-of-the-line version is designed to handle highly complex tasks and accept multimodal inputs such as text, video, and even code. Google states that Ultra will exhibit better reasoning skills and carefully consider tough questions before answering. The upgraded version will be named Bard Advanced and is expected to launch after thorough safety checks. Google plans to release a tester program for a select group of users for feedback and improvements.

As the integration of Gemini Pro into Bard demonstrates Google’s commitment to enhancing its AI capabilities, users can anticipate further advancements in writing assistance technology. With Bard Advanced on the horizon, users can look forward to an even more powerful and versatile writing assistant in the future.

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