Monday, July 15, 2024

Massive Data Breach: Hacker Exposes 30 Million Customer Records from Top Australian Ticket Seller


In a significant data breach, a hacker claims to have obtained 30 million customer records from TEG, a leading Australian ticket seller. The hacker, who has not been identified, reportedly posted a sample of the stolen data on an underground forum, asserting that the information includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses of TEG customers.

TEG, which operates several ticketing platforms including Ticketek, is one of the largest ticketing companies in Australia. The company has acknowledged the breach and stated that it is working with cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident. TEG has also notified relevant authorities and is in the process of informing affected customers.

The hacker’s post on the forum included a small sample of the data, which has been verified by cybersecurity researchers as authentic. The breach is believed to have occurred through a vulnerability in TEG’s online systems, although the exact method of the attack has not been disclosed.

This incident highlights the growing threat of cyberattacks on large corporations and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures. Customers affected by the breach are advised to monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity and to be cautious of potential phishing scams.

TEG has assured customers that it is taking all necessary steps to secure its systems and prevent further unauthorized access. The company has also offered support to those impacted by the breach, including credit monitoring services.

As investigations continue, this breach serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist in the digital age and the need for constant vigilance in protecting personal information.

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