Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Amazon’s AI Revolution: Generative Product Listings Unleashed Across Europe


Amazon is expanding its use of generative AI to create product listings, bringing the technology to its European marketplaces after an initial rollout in the U.S. earlier this year. The e-commerce giant said it is now using generative AI models to produce product titles and descriptions on,,, and

The AI-generated listings are being used for products in categories like home, health and personal care, beauty, baby, toys, grocery, office products, and pet supplies. Amazon says the AI models have been trained on “high-quality product information” and can generate titles and descriptions that are “clear, concise, and informative.”

The company first began using generative AI for product listings on its U.S. site in April. It has not disclosed what percentage of listings are currently being generated by AI. Amazon says the technology is meant to complement, not replace, human-written listings, and that all AI-generated content goes through both automated and manual reviews to check for accuracy and compliance with its guidelines.

The use of generative AI for product listings is part of a broader push by Amazon into AI-powered shopping experiences. The company has also been using AI to summarize product reviews, answer customer questions, and personalize product recommendations. As the world’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon’s embrace of generative AI could accelerate the technology’s adoption in online retail.

However, the move also raises questions about the impact on jobs and the potential for AI to be used to generate misleading or inaccurate product information. Amazon will need to ensure strong oversight and quality control as it scales up its use of the technology.

The expansion to Europe suggests Amazon is confident in the early results from its U.S. deployment and sees generative AI as a key tool for streamlining its massive online catalog. With the company already using AI heavily in areas like logistics and fraud detection, its latest move shows how the technology is being woven into all aspects of Amazon’s operations.

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